about me


Your content is only as good as the person who writes it.ljhgeist




I grab that moment. The one that suddenly catches your attention and makes you want to know more. It’s a micro-moment when consumers need useful information. Mobile makes you accessible 100 percent of the time so content that converts to sales has to be front and center. Always.


I am a real person with real experience and a lot of opinions. Writing up a generic inauthentic blog post is BORING. Who wants to read something they can’t relate to? Blech. I have a secret superpower, it’s an intrinsic ability to reach people in that emotional space where suddenly they don’t feel alone. It’s the “Yeah. Me too!” connection.



Have you ever read to the end of a good book and wished it wasn’t over? Me too. I don’t just tell your story, I combine it with experience, inspiration, and enough drama to keep them coming back. Some topics are dull, dry, and the reader loses interest after the first sentence. I fix that.



I have strong project management skills. If there doesn’t seem to be a direction to go in, I chart a new one. If there is no answer to the question, I ask a different question. You will be working with a dedicated, self-motivated, structured and super cool person. Don’t miss out.

Work Process







Fun Fact

I am a Desert Storm Veteran

I love all animals even squirrels

I am a Master’s level graduate in Social Work

I study Psycholcoy and Marketing for fun